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ﺑِﺴْــــــــــــــﻢِ ﺍﻟﻠﻪِ ﺍﻟﺮَّﺣْﻤَﻦِ ِﺍﻟﺮَّﺣِﻴْـــــﻢ
 🔻Imam al-Darimi's "Musnad al-Jami" 

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  Majlis Qira'a wa Sama'a

  ✨Imam al-Darimi's✨
        Musnad al Jami

It is not less in status than the Sunan works. Were it to be added to the five works instead of Ibn Majah it would be appropriate because it is better in many ways.(Ibn Hajr)

             💫 المسند الجامع 💫
          💫للإمام الدارمي رحمه الله💫

Under the Supervision of:
 From Malaysia

Shaykh al-Faqih Ahmed Khairanee Al-Qasimi al-Umari is a senior Shafi scholar originally from Azamgarh, India.

In the 1960s, he read at the prestigious Dar al-Salam Seminary Tamil Nadu until he graduated after the study of the six canonical Hadith works (Dawra) with chains of narration through Yemen & India.

He then travelled to North India to read at the renowned Seminary in Deoband to cement his Hadith studies by repeating the Dawra under such luminaries as Shaykh Ibrahim Balyawi,  Qari Tayyib al-Qasimi & Fakhruddin al-Muradabadi.

He then travelled to Malaysia where he specialised in Shafi Fiqh and where he continues to teach despite old age.

 From UK

al-Shaykh al-Musnid Mohammed Daniel al-Muhajir al-Dimishqi known East & West for his prolific travels & as a pioneer for sanad revival worldwide. He has dedicated his life to seeking Hadith at the feet of Muhaditheen and over the past 15 years has read with and received Ijazah (authorisation) from over 500 senior scholars globally with the aim of combining both in-depth study of classical texts with the highest chains of narration in existence.

His unparalleled devotion to sanad preservation has earned him recognition even amongst Arab nations where he is invited to teach Hadith to fellow students and scholars alike.

From Jordan

al-Shaykh al-Muqri Ali Sultan Al-Jalabina is a qualified reciter of the Quran from Jordan who has been studying on the sacred path for over 20 years obtaining Ijazah to teach the 10 modes of Quran'ic recitation & Shafi Fiqh.

He lectured at the prestigious Yarmouk University in Jordan for 3 years in the Faculty of Quran and has also taught at other notable places, all the while continuing his studies traditionally with Shaykh al-Muhaddith Shu'ayb al-Arnaut, Shaykh al-Muhaqiq  Dr Bashar Awaad al-Marouf, Shaykh al-Faqih Usama Faqir, and Shaykh al-Faqih Adam Nuh al-Qudhat.
🗓 Date & Time:
Friday 14 to Sun 16 April
Makkah Time

🕐 Friday

🕐 Session 1
        2:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Saturdays & Sundays

🕐 Session 1
        4:15 AM - 8:45 AM

🕐 Session 2*
        10:45 AM - 3:45 PM
*This session may be extended to complete the work in time.

📜 Recitation is in Arabic only for the purposes of Hadith revision & sanad acquisition. Ijazah will be awarded to those who participate.

      Contribution for costs:

📘Sunan al-Darimi

💵$89 employed
💵$79 unemployed
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