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The Passing away of Tuan Guru Haji Hamzah b. Mohammed al-Kelantani.

إنا لله وإنا إليه راجعون

It brings me deep sadness to inform my fellow Muslims of the loss of one of the hidden gems of Malaysia.

Shaikh Hamzah b. Mohammed al-Kelantani al-Shafi' has passed into the mercy of Allah on March 25 2017. He was over 80 years old and had lived and taught in numerous countries including, Hejaz, Brunei and Malaysia.

The Shaikh was one of the last remaining Malaysian students of the renowned Arab grammarian Sayyid Mohammed 'Arabi al-Tabani.

He was blessed to travel to the Holy Lands in the early 1950s to seek the sacred sciences and studied for numerous years with some of its most renowned scholars including:

📌The Musnid of the World, Sh Mohammed Yasin al-Fadani.

📌Shaikh al-Sharif Mohammed Ameen Kutbi

📌Shaikh al-Sharif Alawi b. Abbas al-Maliki

📌Sh Abdul Qadir b. Abdul Muttalib al-Mindili

📌Sh. Mohammed Zakariyyah Beela

📌Sh. Hassan al-Mashaat

📌Sh. Abdur Raheem al-Banjari

📌Sh. Mustafa al-Shinqeeti

I last met the noble Shaikh a few months ago when I was honoured to spend a week in his company with a small group of my Arab students revising numerous classical works and benefitting from the wonderful qualities that he had acquired from his teachers.

May Allah exalt the status of our Shaikh in the Hereafter and bless his family with tranquillity.

Servant of the savants

Mohammed Daniel
Cordoba Academy

For a picture of the esteemed Shaykh:


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