Dec 24 14 4:14 AM

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Two very interesting articles on the topic by Andrew Booso, a student of shaykh Muhammad Akram an-Nadwi hafizahullah:

1. Reflections on usul al-fiqh: http://www.suhaibwebb.com/islam-studies/reflections-on-usul-al-fiqh-with-shaykh-akram-nadwi/

2. On Greek logic: http://www.suhaibwebb.com/islam-studies/on-greek-logic-an-islamic-response-with-shaykh-akram-nadwi/

Acc.to shaykh an-Nadwi the Hanafiyyah are less affected by the Greek inspired 'ilm al-kalam of the other manahij when it comes to usul al-fiqh.

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