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Aug 4 13 3:48 PM

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Please see the following video:

Unfortunately, many people are attacking this Shaykh. There are several arguments:

(1) They are attacking the issue of this Shaykh having a continuous sanad back to the Prophet.
(2) They are attacking the specific method of Wudu
(3) They are attacking the Sunnah aspects of his Wudu
(4) Finally, some of these individuals then make the claim that the only correct way of making Wudu is in the books of Hadith and that the sanad system ended in that era.

I request the knowledgeable students as well as the Shuyookh to inform us of their opinions. Any clarification will be helpful InshaAllah. 

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Jun 28 15 9:34 AM

As salam mu alaikum

No one has the right to attack another scholar. Perhaps, he has received a tradition through his teachers in the Maliki madhab that shows this wudhu. Personally, I have never come across such a musalsal narration or display of wudhu in the numerous works of hadith that I have taught and studied.

We are always coming across new manuscripts and tradition and perhaps something may be found in the libraries of Senegal, Mali or elsewhere to substantiate this practice.

And Allah knows best

Mohammed Daniel

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Aug 9 15 1:23 PM

I am Hanafi and he is doing it same way(bar 2 minor secondary differences) as i was taught by my mum and dad them from thiers and my grandads from thier dads who were Khulfa of Khawaja Mohammed Qasim Sadiq al-Mohrvi he was a Saint but point being he is Hanafi and a lot of us Hanafi's do it like that, main difference he taking more care and we dont re wet our hand for the ear cleaning section, Shaykh Ilyas Attari Qadri Rizvi do it the same way, his teacher was al-Madni(Maliki) but was a student of Imam Ahmed Raza(in fiqh aswell)

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