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Jan 27 17 8:32 AM

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🌷 ﺑﺴْــــــــــــــﻢِ ﺍﻟﻠﻪِ ﺍﻟﺮَّﺣْﻤَﻦِ ِﺍﻟﺮَّﺣِﻴْـــــﻢ🌷
 the preeminent academy
   for the study of Sacred
     Sciences by way of
       Isnad announces:


      📢 Hadith Course 📢
         Imam Tirmidhi's
      ✨Sunan / al-Jami✨
          The 4th of the 6   
   Canonical Hadith Work's

An in-depth study of Imam Tirmidhi's Kitab al-Fitan (Book of Tribulations) with leading expert and author of numerous works on the text:

Shaykh al-Allama al-Muhaddith al-Faqih Professor Hasan Haydar al-Wasabi (Phd) a renowned Yemeni Muhaddith and world expert on the Sunan of Imam al-Tirmidhi (رحمه الله) having spent over 30 years researching, memorising, publishing and teaching it. He has committed to memory the entire text including all chains of narration & statements of Imam al-Tirmidhi on the hadith and narrators. He also memorises the entire Sahih al-Bukhari, Sahih Muslim and numerous other works.

He started his initial studies in Yemen before travelling to al-Madinah then onto Makkah were he studied with a wide spectrum of scholars including: Mohammed Amin al-Shinqeeti, Mohammed Muntasir al-Kettani, Hamad al-Ansari, Umar Falata, Mukhtar al-Shinqeeti, and Mohammed Abdullah al-Somali.

All classes are in Arabic language only for more advanced students with a detailed look at Islamic Eschatology.

Shaykh's 6-Volume "Nuzhat al-Albaab fi Qawl al-Tirmidhi fil Baab" on the chapter headings of Imam Tirmidhi's Sunan


Saturday, 28 January  through to 30, 2017

🕓Makkah Timings

Session 1
4.00 a.m. to 8.25 a.m.

Session 2
10.30 a.m. to 2.15 p.m.

🌍Click 👇🏼 for Worldtime


📜 Explanation is in Arabic only and this course is geared to our more advanced students. Ijazah will be awarded to participants.

Contribution for costs:

💵$89 employed
💵$59 unemployed
For queries please email:
Keep in touch through

📪 https://twitter.com/cordoba_academy
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Senior Student of Knowledge

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Jan 27 17 8:40 AM

📢Please be informed that the Tirmidhi Course this weekend will be focusing on Kitab al-Fitan (The Book of Tribulations) and an extensive research and discussion will take place on Islamic Eschatology, grades of narrations and narrators, hidden defects in Hadith and many other aspects of Hadith.

Important Notice
Friday will be the last day to register for the course. If there is little interest in this advanced course, the broadcast will be cancelled and it will only be taught in Malaysia.

We thank you for your understanding

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